Here at Vinfen, we provide comprehensive services and supports for children and adults with autism so they can achieve their goals and live productive and happy lives. Learn more about our person-centered services below. 

The Autism Support Center is designed to provide information and referrals, trainings, access to the latest information on autism, consultative clinics, support groups, parent and peer networking and mentoring, social and recreational events, and other activities for children and young adults up to age 22 with autism and their families.

Our interdisciplinary care coordination teams support people with unstable housing or food insecurity, arranging for services in the home (e.g., nursing or homemaking), connecting individuals with addiction services, identifying medical or behavioral health providers, scheduling health appointments and setting up transportation to those appointments, and health and wellness coaching.

Our residential, day, employment, and respite services promote the opportunity for each person to receive specialized supports, which enable them to thrive, achieve their goals, and attain the highest level of independence.

Vinfen’s Gateway Arts is a nationally and internationally known studio art center which provides programming geared toward professional development for more than 100 adults with intellectual or developmental disabilitiespeople with spectrum disorders, brain injuriesand those who are deaf-blind.

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