At Vinfen, we work together with businesses to match employer needs with interested and qualified candidates. We work toward common goals of a productive and successful employee and job satisfaction for both the employee and employer.

Our employment service staff take the time to learn and communicate the unique needs of a business. We match the interests and talents of our candidates with staffing requirements. Consultation and employment supports, either on or off the job, are available to our business partners and job seekers from the time an offer is accepted by a candidate, throughout new employee training, and into long-term proficiency. These supports are designed with feedback from the employer to ensure that job candidates possess the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to meet or exceed requirements for employee performance.

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Hiring a person with a disability helps employers diversify recruiting efforts. Additionally, businesses may be able to take advantage of tax incentives available for eligible employers who hire a person with a disability.

The people we serve hold a number of diverse jobs in the community such as office workers, restaurant workers, and retail and sales staff. Through these programs, Vinfen supports hundreds of individuals with disabilities in the workforce.

If you are an employer who is interested in partnering with Vinfen, please contact info@template.vinfen.org.