At Vinfen, we transform lives by helping people with mental health conditions and intellectual and developmental disabilities choose, obtain, and keep the employment that they want.


We believe that every person with a mental health condition who wants to work should receive the supports they need for success and satisfaction in a job for which they are well-matched. When a person expresses an interest in competitive employment, he or she is then connected with a staff person who can help. Vinfen staff work with job candidates, other members of the candidate’s support team, and the business community in order to find the best match between the interests of the job seeker and the employers’ needs. Vinfen staff can support ongoing success either directly on the job or behind the scenes at the job seeker’s discretion. 

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We work in collaboration with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) to provide a Competitive Integrated Employment Services (CIES) program throughout the state, which provides assessment, skills training, job placement, initial supports, interim supports, and ongoing support services to assist people in their efforts to choose, attain, and maintain competitive employment in an integrated work setting. 

We also help people by providing employment assistance that is integrated with other support services in most of our programs, including: 

If you are an employer who is interested in partnering with Vinfen, please click here. We are always looking for new organizations to partner with us. 

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Our employment services provide individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities the support they need to develop important job skills needed for career opportunities. We provide this through community-based vocational training and employment opportunities. 

Vinfen offers individuals a variety of options to assist job seekers on their path to finding a career. We provide services that help our job seekers prepare for, obtain, and continue their highest possible level of employment through Supported Employment, Group Employment, Sponsored Employment, and Arts-Based Vocational Services. At Vinfen, we always develop jobs that pay minimum wage. 

We work together with individuals, their families, their residential providers, local businesses, the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Service, and community members to help individuals become more independent economically and socially. Supervisors, clinicians, job coaches, and job developers are here to provide personalized training and support. This support is provided in the areas of career planning, searching for employment, social skills, communication skills, community access, mobility skills, and maintaining employment.


Supported Employment is a person-centered and individualized career planning model that leads to an individual securing and maintaining long-term employment in the community through on-site job training, short- and long-term job coaching, and assistance in the strengthening and building of natural supports. 

Vinfen works with businesses to develop employment arrangements that are designed to meet the needs both of our job seekers and their employers. If you are an employer who is interested in partnering with Vinfen, please click here. We’re always looking for new organizations to partner with us. 



Bill Walsh is a receptionist at Beacon Health Strategies, a managed behavioral health care company. Bill answers the door, does the mail, orders office supplies and coffee, assists the IT staff, and has become a wealth of knowledge and helpfulness throughout the organization. Vinfen Residential Counselor Chris Chisholm collaborated with Bill’s supervisor Melissa Haroules to ensure that Bill was comfortable with the transition and had everything he needed and that Beacon Health had the support they needed as his employer. Bill is grateful for Vinfen’s support in securing his position. Every day brings new challenges and greater fulfillment in his passion for helping people.