Here at Vinfen, we offer a variety of outpatient and community-based prevention, intervention, and treatment services to help people with emotional or behavioral issues, mental health conditions, or substance use concerns regain their health, work toward recovery, and reclaim their lives. Learn more about our person-centered services below. 

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Vinfen Behavioral Health Lowell is offering a 12-week counseling group starting February 24 for individuals wanting to learn how to manage their emotions and modify behaviors. This group will utilize psychoeducation and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) strategies and participants will develop and improve skills supporting assertiveness, emotion regulation, self-esteem, and more. Art, writing, and other creative processes will provide experiential learning opportunities to practice and integrate group material.

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We provide comprehensive evidence-based behavioral health services. Interventions and services tailored to fit your needs and include assessment and evaluation, individual, family and/or group therapy, consultation, psychological testing, substance use counseling, behavior management, and medication management.

Our residentialClubhouse, outreach (Adult Community Clinical Services, Program for Assertive Community Treatment, Community Support Program), youth and young adult, employmentpeer, and housing and homeless services help people with mental health and substance use challenges regain their health and live and work successfully in the community.

Our interdisciplinary care coordination teams support people with unstable housing or food insecurity, arranging for services in the home (e.g., nursing or homemaking), connecting individuals with addiction services, identifying medical or behavioral health providers, scheduling health appointments and setting up transportation to those appointments, and health and wellness coaching. 

Vinfen’s  Gateway Arts is a nationally and internationally known studio art center which provides programming geared toward professional development for more than 100 adults with intellectual or developmental disabilitiespeople with spectrum disorders, brain injuriesand those who are deaf-blind.