At Vinfen, we envision a world where people with disabilities or life challenges lead full, productive, and valued lives, free from prejudice and discrimination, and who are supported to achieve their personal goals in the communities in which they choose to live.

Our executive team brings a wealth of diverse experience and competence, a proven track record of innovation, quality outcomes and financial stewardship, and a strong commitment to the values we embrace.

Our role as leaders is to create a culture that matches our values: fostering integrity, compassion, quality, and vision in our team members at all levels of the organization.  We consistently evaluate and improve our policies and practices to ensure that we are hiring caring employees, training them to use the very best science-based techniques, and supporting them to provide the most effective interventions to those whom we serve.  The highly personal role our direct care professionals play is both rewarding and challenging; we create an environment where they have the tools and resources to succeed in their jobs and their work with the people we serve.

To accomplish these goals, we are engaged as participants and in leadership roles throughout the behavioral health and human services provider, advocacy, and research communities in order to help shape and to benefit from improvements to the entire health and human services system.

To learn more about our executive team, click on the bios below.

Bruce L. Bird, PhD

President and Chief Executive Officer

Sophie Santaella, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Richard Sullivan, MS, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Joseph F. Gomes, MA

Senior Vice President of Developmental Services

Jeanne Russo, MA

Senior Vice President of Community-Based Mental Health

Lauren Falls, LICSW

Vice President of Behavioral Health Services

Kim Shellenberger, MBA

Vice President of Integrated Care & Innovation

Rob Crane, MS

Vice President and Executive Director of Vinfen Connecticut

Jon Burt

Chief Information Officer

Jon Burt

Chief Information Officer

Jon Burt

Chief Information Officer

Jon Burt

Chief Information Officer

Bill Brosseau, MBA

Vice President of Finance

Kathy Krysiak, JD

Senior Vice President of Human Resources

Madeline Becker, PhD

Senior Vice President of Quality & Compliance

Don Condie, MD

Medical Director

Lurleen Gannon, Esq.

Vice President and General Counsel

Patricia Cooper, MBA

Vice President of Real Estate

Julie Banda, MPH

Vice President of Communications & Development